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drowning in a storm of legends and looking for an exile


"Drowning in a STORM of legends and looking for an EXILE."

<td align="justify" valign="top">ANA is the name, yo!

Into JPOP. Favorite and Crush are two different things. Secret love is another. ^___^ Tries to support favorite fandoms through buying official goods. But immediately gets broke >.< Loves to brag about her possessions, but actually aren't that much *O* Likes mysterious people. But couldn't handle them in the end. ;___; Is too random. Is foolfull of ideas. But too lazy ALL THE TIME. Is viewed by many as VERY quiet and snobbish. But is actually just shy XD Talks too much about herself. Likes to show her friends she likes them in her own way. But actually sucks at showing affection :D Says a lot of promises, but never accomplishes them. Is impatient but always late. Is the queen of typo. And the queen of small accidents wherein slipping and falling is a hobby :s Listens to music forever. And would survive with only a computer. Is in love with green, but thinks white is glamorous. Has leader syndrome. Is understanding. Loves making new friends. And wants you to be one of them. :> /is cheesy now :))

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